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Here is a selection of photographs and videos to whet the appetite!

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For the younger reader look for Beau’s messages on every page. There are also some fun games to play!
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Almost all the videos and photos on this website were taken in our garden!
“My name is Beau and you’ll see plenty of my family if you put out feed in your garden. I especially like fat feeders and peanuts. 

You’ll find a fun Goldfinch like the one sitting on my head all through the GardenTwitter bird video pages. See how many you can find and then click on me to find out if you are right!”
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Welcome to GardenTwitter - Garden birds are here!

For a few years now we have been encouraging garden birds into our suburban garden in Coventry and have been surprised by the variety that have been attracted to the various feeders and other tasty treats! From Blackbirds to Song thrushes, Blue tits to Goldfinches you’ll find lots of information about these beautiful creatures at GardenTwitter.

GardenTwitter is a collection of pictures, videos, a blog and other features which tell the ongoing story of suburban birdlife in a central England location. However in the near future we hope to enable a message board etc to swap stories, ideas and experiences. In the meantime you can communicate with us through the email link below.

Our mascot is the fella you see below, Beau Blue tit, and he’ll be appearing with comments, stories and jokes etc throughout the website. We hope our younger readers will enjoy his tales and it encourages them to watch out for bird life around them.

We hope you enjoy this site and that you’ll come back again and again.

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