Garden Birds - Video extra!

Here are some interesting extra videos which you might find interesting with a text description alongside.

Robin - Camera happy!

Look at this young fella/lass, eyeing up the camera and showing off its fine plumage like any great catwalk model! It‘s not that chic though as his breast is showing last remnants of its downy feathers. 

Also this juvenile ignores the goings on around him as a Blue tit and Great tit take their share of the spoils.


Great tit...on a fat ball!

This great little snippet shows a Great tit feeding from a fat ball in the caged green feeder. It’s a great video showing off this lovely garden bird in all it’s glory.

Once again the fatty food morsels are popular and it looks like this one is keen to make sure no rival can share in the treasure!


Blue tit - Spoilt for choice

A beautiful Blue tit video showing the bird choosing between the fat feeder and the Sunflower heart feeder! It decides on the sunflower hearts after a brief look at the fat block.

This clip shows how the striking the Blue tit’s plumage really is. No-one should say that Britain does not have colourful birds!