At last!! After 18 months or so we managed to capture our first Starling. They are rare visitors to GardenTwitter but the cameras have never been at the right place at the right time until 28th April 2011.

Not the most elegant of birds but very different to any other and welcome visitors indeed!

Please click here to find the RSPB’s page on Starlings.

Facts about the Starling

  1. Bullet Starlings have suffered a decline over the past 30 years and are currently “red” status

  1. Bullet Particularly like Cranefly larvae but will also eat spiders as well as soft fruits in the autumn

  1. Bullet Famous for their flocks, and the associated displays, which often number in the thousands

  1. Bullet The collective noun for a group of Starlings is a “murmuration”...obvious really!!

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