We first spotted Siskins at GardenTwitter in the early months of 2011 but at first we thought the first sighting was a Greenfinch or even a Goldcrest. 

Unmistakably though these two attractive finches are the male, right, and female, left, Siskins with the colourful wing bars, speckled under feathers and unfinch-like beak.

Please click here to find the RSPB’s page on Siskins.

Facts about the Siskin

  1. Bullet The Siskin is a small finch with the technical name of Carduelis spinus

  1. Bullet Siskins become more widespread in the UK during the winter as they search wider for food

  1. Bullet They breed in forests and woodland but do frequent gardens often feeding on peanuts and seeds in the winter

  1. Bullet The favourite nesting place is a conifer tree and the female lays 2-6 eggs per clutch

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