Mealy Redpoll
New to GardenTwitter

This was a first for GardenTwitter when this finch decided to feed from the feeders during the dreary days of early January 2012. 

It was unmistakable with its striking red cap, pink/red breast and classic “frown”. This is probably the common, or Mealy, Redpoll which is a surprise as it normally only winters in the UK along the east coast. 

Please click here to find the RSPB’s page on the Mealy Redpoll.

Facts about the Redpoll

  1. Bullet The Redpolls are finches and the Mealy Redpoll is also called Carduelis flammea

  1. Bullet The Mealy, or Common, Redpoll is on the RSPB’s “Green List” but its Lesser cousin is “Red

  1. Bullet It was thought to be a sub species of the Lesser Redpoll but is now recognised as separate

  1. Bullet Redpolls flock, often with Siskins, moving between treetops