Nesting Box 2010

2011 saw no nesting activity in any of our boxes.

Check back in 2012!


Our nesting box was a gift bought in March 2008 and positioned on a north-east facing wall of the house ready, we hoped, for the 2010 nesting season. It took a while to fix the camera wiring through to a first floor spare room where we keep the recording equipment but this was complete by November 2009.

To our astonishment as soon as we fired up the equipment one November evening there was a Blue tit roosting, all puffed up and snoozing its way through the night!

Here is a still taken from the camera just before the Blue tit, we called Beau, woke up one morning in early 2010. We hoped that these early encounters with a roosting Blue tit would lead to nesting but we were to be disappointed but not before a little excitement!

First some bits and pieces were being brought into the box and then taken out again, as you will see from the video on the left

Nothing much happened until we went away for the weekend in early April 2010 at which point we assumed that nothing would happen this year. We didn’t even bother to set the recorders going!

On arrival back home though there in the box was the start of a new nest!

But the nest was never completed and no Blue tit entered the box again until the late summer and then only to roost for a few nights. The reason is unknown but one of the breeding pair may have been predated perhaps buy one of our resident squirrels.

We look forward to more success in 2011!

The story of the first year of our nesting box - So near yet so far away!

Some highlights of Nesting Box 2010!

Here we have posted a few video highlights of Nesting Box 2010. We hope you enjoy them.

Wakey wakey, scratchy scratchy!

Our little Blue tit wakes up and has a scratch before surveying the apartment! This was regular routine but with just a few minutes of waking it would be hoping up to the exit hole and off it would fly.

The war dance

Clearly our friend was being menaced by another bird and hence the great warding off via a cute, but menacing, dance!

Blue tits are known for this but we have no idea what the threat was, perhaps we should set up a camera outside too. Watch this space for Nesting Box 2011.

When is a Blue tit, not a Blue tit......

..when it’s pretending to be a Woodpecker! We are not sure why this visitor was pecking the side of the box but perhaps it was testing the integrity of a potential new home? Who knows but it did this several times and you can see mark where it tried to peck some of the wood away!

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