The Magpies are infrequent visitors to our garden but when they arrive we know about it! They like the fat feeders and because of their size tend to leave devastation behind them!

Still they add variety and have a bit more character than the loafing Wood pigeons! The Magpies appear in our garden in twos or threes - Two for Joy and Three for a girl!

Please click here to find the RSPB’s page on the Magpie

Facts about the Magpie

  1. Bullet The Magpie’s scientific name is very easy to remember - it’s Pica pica

  1. Bullet Magpies are known to eat the eggs and chicks of other birds and so is an omnivore

  1. Bullet The Magpie is a member of the same family of birds as the crow,the raven and jackdaws

  1. Bullet Its long tail is over half of its total body length, very noticeable when it flies off

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