This page lists some useful links to other sites if you are interested in exploring the facts about garden birds further

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

This is a useful site particularly if you want to identify a bird through pictures or its song.

For example, want to identify the beauty to the right? Then go here!

British Garden Birds

This site is packed full of information on the full range of British garden birds. It is packed full of interesting facts which we have learnt from.

Click here for their page on Bullfinches.

Bird Guides

This site is technical but really useful if you want to pick up all the facts about a particular garden bird. Some parts of the site you have to register to have access to but for the page on the bird you want to look up simply click on the “species” link on the left hand menu list.

Start here by looking at the page on the Song thrush.

BBC Wildlife Finder - Birds

This section of the BBC website is excellent. Full of useful information and some of the photography is superb. All you need to do is search for the garden bird you want to find out about and hey presto!!

Take a look here at the page on Blackbirds...fantastic!

Elizabeth and Malcolm’s Blue tit pages

This charing website taught us everything we needed to know about setting up a nesting box. It has a message board and a log of the activity in their various nesting boxes. Well worth a look especially if you want to get going with a nesting box for the 2011 season.

Take a look here at the entry for 18th May this year and the delightful Blue tit chicks!

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