Green Woodpecker

A while ago we photographed a Green Woodpecker on a visit to our garden but hadn’t been able to film one. However this has now changed as in July 2011 this video was taken with a hand held video camera.

It’s not the best quality but it does show this beautiful bird in all its glory!

Please click here to find the RSPB’s page on Green Woodpeckers.

Facts about the Green Woodpecker

  1. Bullet The Green Woodpecker is the largest of the British woodpeckers

  1. Bullet  It feeds on ants and other insects and is distinguished by its hops along the ground

  1. Bullet  Nest in large holes in trees such as oak which they create using their powerful bill

  1. Bullet  Numbers of Green Woodpecker are declining and have an RSPB amber status currently

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