Great tit
The Great tit is a constant visiter to our garden and this year they have come in flocks. This video, in which you see three different Great tits,  is one of the best we have filmed. The first one is definitely a male as, probably, is the second more colourful bird. He’s a beautiful specimen! 

The final one is probably a juvenile or possibly a female because the front stripe is less well defined.

Click here for the RSPB’s webpage on this garden bird.
Facts about the Great tit

 Otherwise known as Parus major or Tit great!!!

 It is the largest member of the Tit family and lays the largest eggs of the Tit family too

 Known to be quite aggressive and even turning carnivore according to newspaper reports!

 Quite a colourful bird and characterised by a shiny black cap and black front stripe.