Bird Feeders

We use a variety of feeders in the garden designed to attract a wide selection of garden birds. From a quite specific Goldfinch attracting nyjer seed feeder to a large sunflower seed unit which attracts almost everything, including our grey squirrels, the birds want for nothing!

Large Sunflower seed feeder with four feeding ports
Nyjer seed feeder - the feeding holes can only be accessed by Goldfinches
Fat block within cage holder and behind a fat cylinder
Two port feeder with mix of mealworms, RSPB “Table Mix” and “Feeder Mix”
Micromesh feeder tray, ideal for kitchen scraps, bread etc

Other feeders

Apart from the main feeding system we also have other feeders placed at various points around the garden and these are shown below. 

This is our first feeding system made by Meripac. The cage is designed to keep out squirrels but it doesn’t work!

However it is a fairly good component system, although we prefer Gardman system which is now our main feeding station.

A sturdy all metal silo seed feeder is very resilient and because we have it low down on a crook shaped pole, it’s a favourite of the Dunnocks.

Made by Gardman it’s likely to las much longer than the mainly plastic feeders and even when the squirrels hang from it, the feeder remains defiant!

Not a feeder but a water hole!! This is must for the garden bird too and often omitted from the range.

Birds need to drink too and this was an essential addition  to our equipment inventory.

GT Tip: It will need cleaning out regularly as it quickly grows algae especially in the summer.

These little cup feeders are taking a while to bring in the birds but are a great design  nonetheless and available from the RSPB.

They nestle in our lawn borders nicely and look great!

We’re trying to get a close up shot of a bird on one of the cups and will publish it here as soon as we get one.

A dimple fat ball feeder we purchased at a very good price from the discount store B&M Bargains!

These are also available at other stores and are  really cost effective way of attracting birds into your garden

Window bird feeder -

Another one we haven’t had  much success with and often raided by the squirrels.

We are trying different positions and feed types to attract birds to the window for a photo shot. We’ll post one here as soon as we have one.

Gardman wild bird feeding
station Kit

Stainless Steel Squirrel Proof feeder -

The ingenious light cover device slides down over the peanut feeder when a squirrel tries to climb down it!

Homemade apple feeder using garden twine and a large paperclip opened out! We take windfall apples, use a large skewer (An adults only job please!) and then thread a piece of garden twine through the holes. The paperclip is extended out and held in place by the twine which we twist around it. This also acts as a perch for the birds. You can then hang the apple(s) up using the other end of the twine. Cheap and easy!

Camera power supply waterproof capsule. See here for more detailVideo_Cameras.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0

Now this is a great idea from Neat Ideas. Their Bottle top feeder kit is in two parts. The main bit simply screws onto the  top of a 2L plastic drinks bottle after you’ve filled it with seed and then lets the seed out as the birds feed through small apertures.

The second piece of the equipment is a hanger which you simply push into two holes you make in the bottom of the bottle. Brilliant!

This is another homemade effort using pine cones collected from the local woods.

We use the scrapings off the commercial fat feeders that the birds leave, some left over fat from cooking and regular bird feed. The process is for adults only as first the fat is mixed together and heated in a pan until it becomes soft. Then seed is added and mixed well into the fat. Whilst still soft and using the back of a spoon, the mixture is forced into the gaps between the cone segments. It is useful to secure a hanging wire or string before filling it with fat.

Once full the cone is left to dry for a few hours and then is ready to hang out in the garden.

Trees are always good alternative feeder stations!
Although we have spent a good deal on good quality bird     feeder stations like the one at the top of the page there is no substitute for a tree and in our case a generous neighbour whose tree overhangs our garden!  On this we have hung four different feeders as you can see below;
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