Blue tit

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This video of the ever present Blue tit was taken in August 2010 just during a period of Blue tit feeding frenzy in our green covered bird table.

Unusually, this Blue tit stayed on the feeder for at least a minute. Normally it would be a fly on - fly off scenario!! But it is a good shot and you can see another Blue tit hanging on the outside on the right.

Please click here to find the RSPB’s page on Blue tits.

Facts about the Blue tit

  1. Bullet The Blue tit is characterised by its blue cap which is often raised to form a crest

  1. Bullet In the RSPB’s 2010 Big Garden Birdwatch Blue tits came in at 4th most common!

  1. Bullet Liked by the gardener for its penchant for aphids and other plant destroyers!

  1. Bullet Well known for pecking foil milk bottle tops to access the cream underneath.

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