Whilst the Blackbird is often regarded as boring, actually in our view it is far from it! A Blackbird’s song is characteristic and welcome in our garden, brightening up the day. You can hear the sounds of blackbirds, and all garden birds, at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds website (See link below).

This male was videoed in July 2010 pecking on the fat feeders.

The RSPB’s Blackbird entry can be found here.

Facts about the Blackbird

  1. Bullet Blackbirds are members of the Thrush, or Turdus, family

  1. Bullet The Blackbird is one of the most common UK birds with over 4 million breeding pairs!

  1. Bullet Blackbirds live on average for 2.4 years but can live to 20 years

  1. Bullet Their main predators are cats but are often taken by foxes and sparrowhawks

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