Black-headed Gull

These are rare visitors to GardenTwitter but during the Christmas period, when we have lots of spare animal fat from the turkey or bacon to throw out, flocks soon find the morsels to feast on!

Look below for some interesting facts which explain, for instance, the lack of black head in this video!!

Please click here to find the RSPB’s page on Black-headed Gulls.

Facts about the Black-headed Gull

  1. Bullet The Black-headed Gull is not a seagull and is widespread inland

  1. Bullet It sports a black, or rather dark brown, head, hence the name, but only in summer months

  1. Bullet This is one of the commonest gulls in the UK with over 100,000 breading pairs

  1. Bullet They feed on almost anything including carrion and food scraps but also insects, fish & seeds

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